God Forgives

God Forgives

I will never forget the day I came to the realization that God forgives.  I was going about the dreadfully mundane task of sorting and putting away my clean laundry, when suddenly I  found myself locked in a euphoric moment, unable to move, still holding the laundry in my hands.

I looked around the room, wondering what this wonderful feeling could possibly be. I wasn’t used to wonderful feelings, you know. I was used to the heaviness of depression.

Suddenly, I realized exactly what it was. I was feeling the heaviness of guilt literally being lifted from my shoulders. I felt it leave my presence altogether like a weight literally being lifted from my back. All I remember afterwards was falling on my knees and weeping out years worth of pain. It was the best cry I’ve ever had!

I cannot say I realized the connection between the mundane/earthly task of washing my clothes and the cleansing of my spirit until just now…this morning…12 years later.  I can say I will never forget it.

I believe God led you to this very spot for two simple reasons. You need forgiveness and He wants you to have it.

How Do I Get This Forgiveness?

It is true that our sins were forgiven at the cross, but until you choose to believe God forgives, your spirit and soul will be as soiled garments, heavy and burdensome to wear.

Unlike the mundane chore of washing the laundry, there is no task to perform, no special prayer to quote. The very moment you choose to believe Jesus Christ died for you personally, the cleansing will be yours as well. You will become new. The weightlessness is yours for the taking.

I don’t feel the need to give you next steps, because I believe you will hear from God. I also believe you are family now and you will be back!


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