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Tell Me About God

Here in our Tell Me About God site, we’ll share everything we know about Him. We are in love with the person, the personality, the very nature of God and we love to watch Him work. More so, we love to work with Him. We also love to tell others about Him for these simple reasons: We know God is real, His word is true, and He is waiting to bless you with His presence.

If God is Good, Why Are Things So Bad?

God of wonders, God of grace, God of goodness and mercy – We say it, we sing it and most of us believe it…or do we? How many times have we looked at the world news in disgust at the devastation around us and raised our fists to God, so to speak, wondering why He caused such horrible things to happen?

Everything is Spiritual

It seems like deep territory, stating the fact that everything is spiritual, but in all reality, it’s quite simple. Every idea, emotion, concept and thought has a spiritual origin coming from one of only two sources of information (refer to last week’s post). Those ideas and thoughts are the building blocks of life, determining the path we choose to follow and the destination we eventually reach.