Close Encounters with God

Tell Me About God (TMAG) – the place to learn truth about God.

We are in love with the person, the personality, the very nature of God and we love to watch Him work. More so, we love to work with Him.
We also love to tell others about God for these simple reasons: We know God is real, His word is true, and He is waiting to bless you with His presence.


Experience Him for yourself:

God is real, not an idea. He is as real as the cup of coffee in your hand. Tangible is the word that comes to mind. Alive is an even better word.

God is love, and not in the sense familiar to us. He is Agape which means He loves no matter what we do, and deeply, too deeply for us to understand. If He is Love, then Love must be the source of His power. If we are neither feeling His love nor experiencing His power, I fear we have walled Him out.

God forgives. He forgives us for every offense, no matter the size and no matter the outcome. He forgives.

God is not distant.  He is as near as our next breath because He breathed life into us. He created the world and everything in it; He longs to teach us how to care for it, live in it and enjoy it.

God has no beginning and no end. He has always been and always will be; a concept we cannot quite wrap our minds around.

God is big. His vast and infinite wisdom and power is beyond the imagination of even the most devout believers. Oh…to have just a drop of his knowledge!

God accepts everyone. There are absolutely no exceptions. If you can believe He sent His son to die and take away the unacceptable, and simply take His hand, you can live an acceptable life in His eyes.

God is not angry.  He does not take, He gives. He does not cause bad things to happen. He allows us to make our own mistakes and sometimes suffer the consequences.

God is here. He embraces. He speaks. Often, He speaks through others. More often, through the Bible. Even more often, to each one of us as a personal friend and counselor.

God is available for you to experience for yourself. (All you do is ask.) There is plenty of good reading about Him, His word and His healing power here, but in order to understand God, you need more than what we can tell you about God. You need a relationship with Jehova, through Jesus Christ.

If you have something to share about God, please let us know. We want to help you share your experience with the world.