Wake Up and Rejoice

Wake up and Rejoice is the call to clothe ourselves in His righteousness and accept His gift of PEACE. It…

About Jesus

It’s about Jesus. We have an important choice to make, the same choice that Adam and Eve had to make:…

Recipes for Happy Living

The Recipes for Happy Living blog is about healing for depression, the Biblical way. Our main goal is to learn to…

The Gospel

Now, suddenly, without change on Mary’s part, only by the death and resurrection of Christ, Mary has a Father and…

We saw God Today

The Day I Met Jesus

There are many people who believe Jesus is real. They’ve heard about Jesus, talked about Jesus and sang about Jesus. There are few who have met him. Face to face. Up close and personal. Those are the ones who KNOW he is real. Those are the ones who can share their story and change the world. I am happy to say, I’m one of the few.

Recipes for Happy Living

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